From time to time we hear back from those that have viewed our site. Here is one we just received today that we are very happy to pass on. Many thanks to Angela Lee

Hi guys, I really hope you're enjoying your day so far!


I just wanted to let you know that both my daughter and I are so appreciative of the Civil War information you've included on your 'links to learn more' page. Several of the websites you've listed here have already been very helpful to us for Rebecca's school project. Thank you so much for sharing!


As a way of thanks, I'm also including an article that Rebecca found last weekend, in case you have any interest. "Historical Nurses: All About Clara Barton" - I've included the link below if you'd like to review.


I thought it had some fantastic information on Barton's role in the war, as well as her background as an educator, and felt it might be a great one for your page if you didn't mind including it. I'd love to show Rebecca if you find you are able to add it - she might even receive a few bonus points on her project for helping other students to learn through her research! (


I'd love to hear what you think about the suggestion! :)


All my best,

Angela Lee

Historical Nurses: All About Clara Barton

Clara Barton is a famous teacher, nurse, and humanitarian. She is considered to be one of the most famous nurses of the Civil War but is most recognized for establishing the American Red Cross. Because she was able to do more than many women were allowed to do at the time, Barton is also a role model for many girls and women.   Go

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